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Since 1976, District 728 Community Education has provided high quality educational, recreational, social and cultural programs to community residents of all ages throughout the district. Today, more and more families need a helping hand. More people are having a harder time making ends meet and being able to participate in Community Education programs and services. In order to ensure these families may still participate, we have created a Community Education Scholarship Fund and are asking for your financial help. Your scholarship donation will be used for fee assistance to allow children, adults, seniors and adults with disabilities in your community to participate in educational, enrichment or recreation programs such as: ~Intensive pre-school programs to assure kids are ready for school. ~Quality youth enrichment activities for K-5 kids. ~Middle school programs right after school to help keep kids safe. ~Skills training for adults. ~Developmental programs for adults with disabilities. Funds donated: ~are tax deductible. ~will be administered by ISD 728 Community Education and the Community Education Advisory Council.
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